Mastering service

Mastering is the final touchstone in the journey of audio production, and when working with recordings in DSD format, it's crucial to tread lightly.


DSD meticulously captures the essence of the original event, and by applying delicate tweaks during mastering, we honour the integrity of the original recording, allowing its essence to shine through with clarity and authenticity. This approach ensures that the listener experiences the most authentic representation of the original event, preserving its magic and emotional depth while elevating it to its fullest potential. In essence, mastering becomes a gentle yet powerful process of refinement, guiding the listener on a journey that respects the purity of the initial recording while enhancing its impact and resonance.


Mastering chain:

  • SSL Console
  • Rupert Neve Design MBT
  • Elisya Xfilter Mastering Edition
  • Manley Massive Passive Mastering edition
  • Rupert Neve Design 535 x 2
  • Rupert Neve Design 543 x 2
  • Rupert Neve Design 542 x 2
  • SSL Ultra Violet
  • RME ADI 2/4 Pro SE


  • Audeze LCDX-C, Focal Clear Pro, Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro
  • Adam Audio A4V + Subwoofer 12, Proac D48, Proac D15
  • VTL IT85, VTL ST75, Manley Snappers
  • Audio Research SP20, LS5B
  • Chord Qutest
  • STUDER A810
  • Revox B77 MKII NAB
  • Revox B77 MKII CCIR
  • Rega P3 + Neo MK2
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